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Officials Resources

Use this card at each match, one for each team. Officials should give one to each team, home and away so they can rate performance of the match. The coach or AD will use these cards as a reference when they rate officials online at

Laundry Tip!

In order to keep your patches from running red dye on your white shirt...

Soak your MHSAA patch and your flag insignia (if you have one) in 1/2 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of cool water. Soak overnight in separate containers, rinse and air dry before attaching them to your white shirt.

Looking for PAVO Certified Volleyball Shirts?

Flip Coins for Sale

Follow this link to the MHSAA web site where you can buy new flip coins. Your investment - $5

What's the Weather Going to Be?

Wondering what your weather will be today, tomorrow, or this weekend. This link will take you to the weather channel where you can find out.

HELP! I'M STUCK IN TRAFFIC! Remember the importance of carrying your schedule and the phone numbers of your fellow officials. Call or text ahead if you know you are going to be delayed. In addition, if you are the one that's already at a match, leave your phone out until your crew has arrived. They may be trying to call you! Once the whole crew has arrived, turn it off and put it away.

We are looking for officials to join our team! Michigan has a lot of volleyball and is always looking for people to officiate this amazing sport.

CAAVO Officials - Help Us Recruit!

Feel free to print out this one page recruiting flyer. It shows all the areas that we assign for. Maybe you can be the next one to introduce a new member into our association!

What Items Do I Need to Be a High School Official?

  • Whistles (2) – You can get these online, (whistles without the pea inside work best; we also recommend the ones with the rubber mouth guard). See the article on our home page regarding electronic whistles.
  • Coin – You can use a 50 cent piece or if you want to buy a flip coin you can do that (heads and tails)
  • White polo shirt
  • Black pants (no sweats or leggings)
  • Black belt
  • Black socks
  • Black tennis shoes (solid black)
  • Note cards to write down your lineup, or wheel
  • Pencil
  • Stop watch (or watch that has a timer on it)
  • Ball gauge and pump
  • Net chain (to measure net height)


MHSAA Resources

Your path to volleyball resources with the MHSAA. Rules Meetings, Reports, Documents, and Requirements.

NFHS Sportsmanship Course

The NFHS developed this free course to give you a better understanding of sportsmanship, how it impacts the educational process and identifies your specific role in modeling it at all interscholastic athletic events. Insight is shared throughout the course from fans, players, parents, teacher-coaches and officials. This course will help provide schools a more positive game environment.

Officiating 101 for Beginners

Presentation under revision for 2021 - Please check back soon.

Double vs. 4-Hits (NFHS)

Volleyball Scoresheet Instructions Video (28:17)

Officiating 201 for Intermediate Officials

Presentation under revision for 2021 - Please check back soon.

Referee Signal of Player's Numbers for a Violation

Ever wonder how you should be displaying the numbers of the players when you have to signal a violation? This video will show you how.

More Videos...

can be found on Youtube and the MHSAA website. They have great examples of some of the questions you may have. If at any time you have questions regarding something you see on or off the court, feel free to contact your Official's Representative or anyone on the CAAVO Board.

Online Meetings with the South Central Officials Association (SCOA)

Have you ever just wanted to chat about a rule or technique that you just don't understand? Maybe you encountered a situation that you weren't sure how to handle. You now have that opportunity! The SCOA has monthly online meetings where you can do all of the above. The meetings are approximately 30 minutes and are hosted online through a software called  "GoToMeeting".

All you need to do is contact Kent Neitzert and give him your email address. He will add you to the message that comes out each month, which will give you the information you need to connect to the meeting. Thanks to the SCOA for letting us join in on their meetings!

South Central Officials Association - You Blow the Call

Take your turn at trying to make the call. Kent Neitzert from the SCOA has put together a few quiz questions. Click the title above to see if you can answer a few!