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NCAA DIII Regional Crew @ Hope College

Send us your photos!

Send us your photos!

Last night's crew at the MCCAA, NJCAA Region Championship Tournament

Kent Neitzert - CAAVO Director of Training will host a Sunday night discussion on R2 Transition this Sunday at 7pm. Check it out on MIRef School

Kent Neitzert - CAAVO Director of Training will host a Sunday night discussion on R2 Transition this Sunday at 7pm. Check it out on


Compliments of CAAVO - 1 year FREE Membership!

Nothing but Net! Link in picture.


Attendees of the CAAVO Clinic on 8-16-23 at Stevenson HS

For High School Officials from Sam @ MHSAA:

Welcome to the fall 23-24 MHSAA sports season. We are excited that you have either registered for the first time or are a returning member of our officiating family.

Allow me to share a few points of emphasis as your sports season unfolds:

  • The safety of the contestants is our number one priority.
  • Good sportsmanship by all stakeholders should be expected and dare I say, demanded.
  • A thorough knowledge and fair application of the playing rules are essential to the integrity of the games.
  • Be the role model of accepted and desired behavior.
  • Calm, concise, and respectful communication will go a long way toward the desired outcome of the contest.
  • Should you eject an athlete or coach from a contest, when filing your online report, give a succinct and factual explanation of the behavior(s) that led to your action and cite the NFHS rulebook supporting your action.
  • The MHSAA is here to support you!  Call or email the MHSAA if you need assistance or want to share information.

Have a fun and safe season!

Game Reminders:

  • Jewelry during warm-ups
    • Non-compliant jewelry may not be worn during warm-ups. No penalty unless player does not comply with the referee’s directive to remove (unsporting conduct).
  • Jewelry during play
    • Small secured articles like post or stud piercings may be worn. Articles of jewelry below the chin are not permitted. String bracelets, commemorative bracelets and body jewelry are considered jewelry and not permitted. • Discovery of non-compliant jewelry during a match will result in an unnecessary delay. • Body paint or glitter prohibited.
  • Injury/illness during the set
    • If the injured player cannot continue playing within 30 seconds, the player must be replaced by a legal substitute or a legal libero replacement, or the team must take a legal timeout if the player is to continue playing.
  • Injury timeout
    • If an injured/ill player cannot continue after there are no remaining timeouts and the team has no legal or exceptional substitutes, the first referee may call a special injury timeout of up to three minutes for the injured/ill player. • If the player cannot return by the conclusion of the special injury timeout, the team shall play short for the remainder of the set.
  • Rosters
    • All teammates must be listed. Teammates can be added to the roster, but the result is a loss of rally, point to the opponent.
  • When rosters are due
    • At the prematch conference. Penalty for a roster submitted after the prematch conference is an unnecessary delay (administrative yellow card).
  • Exposed cable
    • Must be covered.

2023-2024 High School Volleyball Rules Revisions

Weekly Sunday Night Discussion starts this Sunday @ 7pm via ZOOM

The season begins tomorrow.

Our weekly discussion begins this Sunday.

Join us at 7:00 PM Sunday evening as we discuss topics of interest in the officiating world. We will be on line for about 1 hour, longer if you have more to discuss. Below is the link to join the group.


Kent Neitzert is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


Topic: Start the season

Time: Aug 20, 2023 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 570 762 3359

Passcode: fy81cS


Get your Court Gear:

Check out the 2023 Rules Comparison under Officials Resources

Access your MHSAA-NASO Officials Tools:

***************New this Volleyball Season***************

High School Warm-Ups now include a 15 Second Warning Whistle!

Per the NFHS (MHSAA Adopted) Case Manual page 69:

The Second Referee shall monitor Warm-up and Sound a warning whistle (two short blasts) when 15 seconds remain in each team's warm-up segment.

This may be confusing to some teams. This would be a good item to address in the Coaches\Captains pregame meeting.

Need Professional Equipment (Whistles, Lanyard, Chain, Flags etc.) for the upcoming Season?

Announcing our New Director of Training and Recruitment!

Have you completed your MHSAA On-Line Rules Meeting yet?