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Camps & Clinics

Mi Ref School Training Clinics available!


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CAAVO Director of Training Kent Neitzert will host Sunday Night Zoom Trainings\Discussion.

Weekly Sunday Night Discussions on Sundays @ 7pm via ZOOM

When the 2024 Fall season begins, a weekly discussion via Zoom will be held on Sunday evenings at 7:00 PM.  These meetings will discuss topics of interest in the officiating world.  These meetings usually last for about an hour, longer if you have more to discuss. Below is the link to join the group.


Kent Neitzert will invite you to these Zoom meetings, and topics change from week to week.    Check back here for announcement of the first topic and Time for the first Fall 2024 meeting.

PAVO Line Judge Training Clinic - Concordia University Aug 14, 2024

August 14, 2024 at Concordia University, Ann Arbor

This clinic is designed for both NEW and current line judges working at the collegiate level.  It will include both classroom and on court instruction.  NEW line judges will be encouraged to attend the observation session of this clinic which begins at 5:30 pm in the gym and work portions of a collegiate scrimmage to both improve their skills, and to be observed for consideration for advancement to work at higher level collegiate matches.  For new and renewing line judges, a classroom session will be held at 7:00 pm in an adjacent location to the gym.  Cost: $15, payable by mailing a check payable to CAAVO to P.O. Box 9, Haslett, MI  48840.  Clinicians: PAVO National Line Judges Debby Karabees-Betts, and Dan and Jackie Snook.  Attire: for the observation session, a PAVO shirt of any color (or something similar); attire for classroom:  casual.  This clinic WILL meet the 2024 PAVO LJ Certification requirement.  (Recall, you only need to attend ONE PAVO LJ clinic annually.)   To be invited to this event via Arbiter, send an email to Brian at who can add you as an attendee.  If you are unable to attend, log on to your Arbiter SCHEDULE and DECLINE attending this event.  NOTE: There will be several PAVO LJ Clinics held in 2024 in case you can not attend this one.


PAVO Line Judge Training Clinic - Aquinas College

This collegiate line judge clinic will be held at Aquinas College on July 12, 2024.   This is designed for NEW collegiate line judges as well as those who will be renewing their PAVO Certification.   An observation session will begin at 2pm for new line judges, then a classroom session will begin at 4:30 in the classroom upstairs.  New line judges will need to stay at about 5:30 to view the PAVO Line Judge video.    Registration is via the site, so contact Brian Smith to be invited to attend via Arbiter.   Cost:  $12, payable in advance by sending a check payable to CAAVO to PO Box 9, Haslett, MI  48840.   

High School Referee Training Clinics - Aquinas College July 12 & 19, 2024

CAAVO will be joining with the West Michigan VB Officials Association to conduct two all day high school referee clinics on July 12, then repeated on July 19.   For more details, both NEW and returning officials should contact Betty Near at or visit the site to register on line.  CAAVO officials who will be attending either day should also contact Brian Smith so they can be "invited" via the Arbiter event assigning process so they can earn Member in Good Standing credit.   The cost is usually $55 for non-WMVOA members.  There will also be a collegiate line judge clinic held on July 12 at Aquinas that attendees can separately register for, and attend in addition to the referee clinic.   Both clinics have both an on court and classroom session.

More details about these clinics from the WMVOA site:

Both of these events are at Aquinas College.  

Whether you are just beginning or a seasoned veteran, the clinicians will tailor training for your benefit.  We utilize the HS Varsity team tournament hosted at Aquinas college making it an ideal environment for training and learning.

1 Day Training Format:

Newer officials (New - 3 years)
• 8:00 am – Welcome, tournament rules, and court assignments.  
• 8:30 am - Training begins.  We will use various forms of media and on-court Q&A to help you become more familiar with the sport.
• 11:00 am - Break for lunch, a pizza lunch is provided for you.
• 11:30 am - Transition onto the courts to work with a clinician that will help you apply things that you just learned. There will be ample time to talk and review between matches.
• 5:30 pm - Tournament & training wrap up, so please allow for a full day of learning, watching and growing.

Veteran officials, (4 years +)
• 8:00 am – Welcome, tournament rules, and court assignments.  
• 8:30am - You will begin on the courts; clinicians are at each court to provide in the moment feedback to foster growth.
• 11:30 am – Break for lunch, a pizza lunch is provided for you.
• 12:00pm - Class training begins with deep dives into high level officiating
• 2:00 pm - Move back onto the courts to complete the bracket play of the tournament and help/mentor newer officials.
• 5:30 pm - Tournament & training wrap up, so please allow for a full day of learning, watching and growing.

 Cost for the day for WMVOA Members is $40.00; for Non WMVOA Members is $55.00

Camps & Clinics for 2024

When Camps & Clinics are available, remember to choose an individual event for additional information and registration/payment options. Please note that the entire list of events does not appear on this page. You must either click View All at the bottom of this screen or navigate to the Events calendar and view the events by month in order to see everything that is available.

CAAVO Member-In-Good-Standing Requirement - As outlined in the CAAVO Membership Handbook... in order to be considered in good standing with the association, and according to MHSAA guidelines, each member shall attend one training clinic and one annual business meeting. The membership handbook can be found in the About Us and the Officials Resources sections of this website.

For 2024, high school volleyball referee clinics will be held at Albion College, Aquinas College, Northern Michigan University, as well as ones in the planning stage at Williamston and Stevenson High Schools.   Check back for more details on dates and how to register to attend.

Other schools that we are aware of that will be hosting scrimmages where officials can sign up to attend, and CAAVO will provide observers, include:

Owosso High School - July 10, 11, 17, 18 (4:30 - 6:30)

Williamston High School - July 17 [4-8pm] for NEW Officials; other Dates TBA

To sign up, please contact Brian at: